Hello, world! Welcome to our Hackathon project page!

We are Team Started From The Bottom! This project is aimed to pique interest in STEM amongst kids, encouraging them to pursue careers that they may have otherwise been pushed away from.

Our project, rather than being a focused, in-depth approach to a single type of device, is more of an array of different smaller projects that are targeted toward gaining the interest of kids. These are devices that take sensory inputs and allow the kids to interact with them directly.

Our first project, the LED array, has a light sensor as input. When it senses lower levels of light the LED array, which has a light bouncing back and forth, slows down and changes color to red. More light produces a faster bounce, and brighter colors like yellow, green, and blue.

Our second project on the board is a hard-coded program that uses a buzzer to play a part of the Harry Potter theme song. The objective of this system is to teach kids the relationship between frequencies and sound, and how music is constructed of many frequencies. The Harry Potter theme was chosen for two reasons. The first reason is that I am a huge fan! The second is that it is a song that is easily recognized and popular amongst kids. We also set up the program to be able to switch between two more songs that are put into the program. This gives the students room to create their own. This project also ties in a 20x4 LCD controlled via I2C, which only requres two input pins. This LCD would display the name of the song being played.

The third project on the board is a Bluetooth controlled, color-changing LED. The objective of this project is to teach kids about how colors are created electronically, and how to blend combinations of Red, Green, and Blue, to get any color. The Bluetooth component allows the user to adjust the color and brighntess from an app. This system was not developed by us, but we implemented all the circuitry ourselves.